What I Do For a Living

I help people make sense of themselves so they can overcome challenges with clarity and purpose.

Hi! I’m Chanee.

It’s been commonly pronounced as Shuh-Nay, Shanny, Chayni, and even Shuh-Knee. I’m actually cool with all of em’, but it’s actually pronounced Chanee like Granny. Like Chanee Uncanny. 🙂

I left my successful job as an educational director to become a Board-Certified Life/Relationship Coach & Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapist. I am forever grateful to have learned so much under two of the world’s top leaders in the industry: Tony Robbins & Marisa Peer.

Before I made this shift, I was working close to 80-hour weeks juggling multiple jobs at best, with very little energy left to complete my Master’s in Early/Special Education. Some days I managed to get things done, and on other days, my body crashed. Needless to say, it was TOTALLY unsustainable.

I found myself constantly making excuses for why I couldn’t do what I really wanted, working relentlessly to the point of absolute burnout. And when I did fizz out, I was forced to rethink everything I was believing. I thought to myself: “There’s got to be another way…”

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve dabbled with marketing, branding, hospitality, sales, and celebrity news photography. This kind of wishy-washy behavior (which is typically looked down upon in our culture) is what actually got me to leverage my skills to land my first decent salary job, and eventually, after I quit, my own business.

True story: I was a college drop-out. I failed out of the top art schools: Parsons. I transferred out, switched my major entirely to
Childhood Education … and it took me a total of EIGHT years to even graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I felt like I was behind on everything, and felt extremely incompetent.

I took several years off of my education to explore different interests. While some thought it was silly, it was at that time that I grew my Instagram following to 35K+ followers within 8 months, released viral videos that hit 3M+ views, was asked to be a guest star for Youtube channels with millions of subscribers, and even got the opportunity to  share about hypnotherapy on a podcast  that had hundreds of thousands of active listeners. My favorite achievement by far, however, was when I landed my first few coaching clients through my Instagram platform. It’s how my business initially began.
By exploring new realms, and through obsessive amounts of guided learning, hiring my own coaches, and pushing past my comfort zones, I learned a lot about my capacity to be and do things I never thought was actually possible.

I now help individuals to see just how capable, incredible, and extraordinary they truly are. If you tend to undermine yourself, it is YOU I aim to help, to guide you towards discovering the identity within you that can stand resilient in spite of life’s setbacks and disappointments.

I’m here to validate your story, to hear it, to dig into it, and to help you reframe it, so that you’re not living off of a broken record. Rather, I’d love to see you thrive, gain new opportunities, keep growing, keep expanding… but more importantly, to live a life that goes beyond just yourself.

Human lives were meant to be
connected, one way or another. We were never meant to live for ourselves, and my hope is that we will all experience true fulfillment through service and continuous, personal growth.

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